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Top of Mind

Julia reads my mind then creates something better than I imagined. She’s the most thoughtful designer I’ve worked with in 50 years (I just turned 50).

- Rajesh Setty, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Author and Teacher

Your work is too important for average design.                          

You deserve to be top of mind. You deserve a pro, someone who has:


  • Global experience working for top international brands;

  • Won multiple awards;

  • Clients who love her because she's totally trusted.

You deserve Julia.

Apexiva  - ā′pĕksĕva
Definition:  noun - the pinnacle of attention, top of mind.

Talented, professional and fast. Julia is my favourite designer in the world.

- Louise Karch, award-winning author, Word Glue


Award-Winning Book Design & Illustration

Word Glue: Find Your Million Dollar Brand Name
has won four international and one national awards;  

  • AXIOM Business Book Award (Gold),

  • HERMES Creative Award (Platinum) 

  • MUSE Creative Award (Silver)

  • NYX Marcom Awards (Silver)

  • Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book Winner - Australia Business Book Awards 


Book design: internals by Julia Afflekt, cover by Wade Gilpin

Identity Design &
Brand Development

Whether you are launching a new brand or revitalising a beloved one, the Apexiva process is collaborative. Understanding your strategy and audience ensures Apexiva creates a brand that makes you top of mind. 

Need a New Website?

One click can make or break you. 

Clients and customers won't make time for average. 

Apexiva designs and develops engaging and responsive sites
for mobile and all devices.

Apexiva elevates your branding on social media platforms and
ensure your marketing stays top of mind. 

Peace of Mind for Authors

You do what you love. Write.

We take care of the rest.

Apexiva designs and illustrates children's print and eBooks.

Apexiva oversee the entire printing process. #easyas

Dinosaur brothers
in the ocean
What happens to the baby mouse?

Delighted clients

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