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Top of Mind

Julia reads my mind then creates something better than I imagined. She’s the most thoughtful designer I’ve worked with in 50 years (I just turned 50).

- Rajesh Setty, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Author and Teacher

Your work is too important for average design.                          

You deserve to be top of mind. You deserve a pro, someone who has:


  • Global experience working for top international brands;

  • Won multiple awards;

  • Clients who love her because she's totally trusted.

Apexiva  - ā′pĕksĕva
Definition:  noun - the pinnacle of attention, top of mind.


Talented, professional and fast. Julia is my favourite designer in the world.

- Louise Karch, award-winning author, Word Glue


Award-Winning Book Design & Illustration

Word Glue: Find Your Million Dollar Brand Name 
has won four international awards and one national award;

  • AXIOM Business Book Award (Gold),

  • HERMES Creative Award (Platinum) 

  • MUSE Creative Award (Silver)

  • NYX Marcom Awards (Silver)

  • Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book Winner - Australia Business Book Awards 


Book design: internals by Julia Afflekt, cover by Wade Gilpin

Identity Design &
Brand Development

Julia understands the brand strategy and audience and has created brands that make organisations top of mind.


Delighted clients

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